Supreme Head KIHEM

Priest King Olutanmole Universe

Priest-King Olutanmole Universe is the supreme head of KIHEM Holy Throne of the Most High God on Earth, a.k.a. Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Mission.

His Background

Priest-King Olutanmole Universe was born into a Christian family in Lagos State, Nigeria in the early thirties, and was christened Chris Abayomi Jacob. His father, Jacob Jumbo was from the Jumbo family in Bonny town, Rivers State and his mother, Rachael Olusanya was from Ijebu-Ode town in Ogun State.

He was brought up under strict Christian discipline even though his parents were non-Church goers. He later grew up to become a non-believer and lived as an atheist for many years. His disbelief in the existence of God stemmed from the sharp secularization of Christianity, and of anti-Christian practices (such as heathenism, sexual immorality, and occult practices, magical arts, beliefs in horoscope, embezzlement of Church fund) which characterized most Christian Churches in general, and unprecedented worldliness, fetishism, and social corruption in the life of the Priests and Ministers of God in particular.

But later in life, he was led to accept Christ in 1966, and has since then been worshipping the Father-God and serving his Church.This marked the turning point in his life and the birth of a new Christian order in the world.

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Priest King Olutanmole Universe

Supreme Head KIHEM
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More About Olutanmole

At 32, having received the faith, and for another six years later, he was pressurized by the Holy-Spirit of God to give up all the compulsive desires of the flesh together, and retire to solitary life in search of the esoteric knowledge and path to Christian Spiritual Power.

The then Chris Jacob subjected himself to rigorous fasting and tireless prayers, plunged into very irksome study and research of the Holy Bible from cover to cover times without number, consistently relying on the Power of the Holy-Ghost as his only “Guide” and instructor”.

On March 14, 1972, he received the Divine call into the ordained ministry as a full time Minister of God. He was there and then commissioned by God to go into the world to teach all nations the whole “Truth” which has been falsified and discarded by contemporary Christianity.

The Ordained Ministry
The then Christopher Jacob spent six years under the tutelage of Late Pastor Samuel Adisa Junaid of the community church of Christ (Aladura)” from 1966 to 1972. Upon the passing into glory of his mentor on May 6th 1972, God directed that Chris Jacob who had earlier been anointed and ordained Snr. Apostle and Pastor in 1971, to take over the leadership of the church.

God then said unto him thus: “I have given unto you to consummate the unfinished ministry of Late Pastor Samuel, together with your own assignment. You will be given “Seven Seals of heavenly Power” by which to prosecute your own ministry to all the four corners of the world. I am the Lord.”

Therefore, for an upward of 17 years (1972-1989) the then Chris Jacob pastored the said church as divinely directed. But in 1989, he began to have new revelations from God about his new divine anointing and mission to the world in sequential order.