The Ministry


This is “KIHEM Holy Throne of the Most High God on Earth Mission”. By interpretation, the word “KIHEM” is an abbreviation of “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Mission” Our ministry is the establishment of the Kingdom of heaven on earth in fulfilment of the prophecy of God in the book of Daniel 2:44 This same prophecy about the Kingdom was what Jesus Christ was sent to announce to the world that would come upon the earth; Matthew 4:17.

To also preach the coming Kingdom of heaven was the express purpose Jesus Christ was sent – Luke 4:43. Jesus Christ therefore made the gospel of the coming Kingdom his overriding theme throughout his public ministry. He preached it everywhere he went – in the synagogues, in the wilderness, on the mountain, and in public places. The effeminates heard him gladly and the wayfarer had no difficulties following the Galilean itinerant preacher everywhere.

However, until he left the scene Jesus Christ was not permitted to establish the Kingdom on earth; instead he set up his church in the interim – Matt. 16:18. He then enjoined the church to cast its faith in and hope for the coming Kingdom of his Father, and to earnestly pray for it to come on time – Matt. 6:9-10.

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Our vision


Our vision

Our Vision is primarily to restore all the ideals of Christ which have been given theological interpretations by false bible expositors. To fulfil all the bible prophecies made by the prophets of old since the beginning of the world, but which hitherto remain unfulfilled, before the second literal coming of Christ, and without which Christ will not be permitted to return to earth – Acts 3:20-21.


Our mission

Our Mission is to inundate the earth with the gospel of the descended Throne of God upon the earth. To gather together in one all the elects of God from the four corners of the earth into the End Time Ark, which is the divine stronghold put in place for their escape from the impending great tribulations; for “as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at this end time.” Luke 17:26


Our mission

Our motto

  • • Our God Reigneth.
  • • Worship and service to God, and service to brotherman.


Again, the disciples, seeing that Jesus was about ascending to heaven without establishing the Kingdom which they all had jointly preached that was coming, queried Jesus if he was not going to establish the Kingdom unto Israel – Acts 1: 6. Jesus response was so sharp: “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons which the Father hath put in his own power.” Acts 1:7 By that statement, Jesus had washed off his hands, concluding that all matters pertaining to the establishment of the Kingdom laid solely in the hands of his Father.

The Time and Season When the ‘times and seasons’ approached in God’s own calendar, it had pleased God to bring the prophecy and promise into fulfilment. But before that, the night vision of Prophet Daniel about the son of man through whom God would establish the Kingdom upon the earth must first be fulfilled, according to Daniel 7:13-14. vs 13 “I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him. vs 14 “And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.”

Today, that vision is fulfilled in our very eyes, and the another son of man is already made manifest; he is ‘Olutanmole Universe’, who also has been appointed and anointed by the Triune God, in a Trinitarian anointing. God had pronounced: “You are the Olutanmole and the Ruling King over all nations, the Lord God has chosen you.” Historical The following events led to the eventual birth of the promised Kingdom of heaven upon the earth in their sequential order, as they took place in the ‘Highest Plane’ and then settled on planet earth.

Phase 1 – Search for a Hilly Place On 11th June, 1989, Olutanmole Universe was caught up in the spirit into heaven in the midst of a large assembly of saints, mainly Whites. He happened to be the only Black among them. He then received a divine instruction as follows:

“Arise now, thou Olutanmole, for you are the one sent unto this generation. Go and scout for a hilly place where rock is higher than the land in a distant wilderness, where you will sojourn for seven days without food and water. “You shall be praying and asking for New Laws, New Ordinances, New Precepts, New Covenant, and New Judgement for the administration of the coming Kingdom of Heaven, which I have promised long ago to bring; because the coming Kingdom of Heaven shall not be governed by the old Ten Laws given to my servant Moses in those days.”

In quick response to this divine directive, Olutanmole Universe got on the road in search of the ideal site. On July 21st, 1989, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, Olutanmole Universe discovered the place which God had set aside to be the Mount of the Lord, and the City which God had promised Abraham long ago – “…the city which has foundation, whose builder and maker is God.” Heb. 11:10 That is sequel to the divine directive given to Moses at the time he was to be given the Ten Laws with which the people of Israel would be governed. He was directed by God to proceed to Mt Sinai where he was given the laws, ordinances, and covenant to govern the Israelites – Exo 19:24.

Phase 2 – The Seven Days in the Wilderness On July 24th, 1989, Olutanmole Universe commenced his seven days sojourn in the wilderness, in obedience to another divine directive received in a night vision. He eventually sojourned for seven days without food and water, under scorching sunshine and torrential rainfall. He was praying and asking for the new Laws, new Ordinances, new Judgement, and new Covenant for the administration of the ‘coming Kingdom of Heaven.’

Phase 3 – On the Sixth/Seventh day of his Seven days sojourn in the wilderness, precisely on July 29/30 1989, a very mysterious thing happened. Olutanmole Universe was suddenly caught up into the high Heaven by hand of an angel-guide; they passed through a big iron gate with this bold inscription atop of it: “Way to the Holy City, the Highest Plane” He was led further by the angel-guide into vast and enormous scenery which was overwhelmed with blinding light and deafening shouts of “Amen Halleluyah” (the shouts of innumerable hosts of heaven worshipping the Most High God before His Throne of Glory). Having been led further up, and nearer the great “White Throne” Olutanmole Universe was made to kneel before the eternal sacred One, the “Ancient of Days” in the midst of innumerable angels of light standing steadfastly around, in the remote region of heaven, and was then commanded to behold the wide expanse of the whole earth beneath from the high heaven above. And from this height the earth below looked like a bottomless pit covered with a glass.

Then a great voice was heard saying: “What you are beholding is the wide expense of the earth which God now gives to you; this shall be the extent of the rulership of your dominion.” In a twinkle of an eye, a very voluminous white gold-plated book, much bigger than the Holy Bible was delivered unto Olutanmole, and a dominion was also given unto him; that was in the form of a very large Golden Key of about 2ft length. Then the same great voice was heard saying: “The Book is very important; it is the Constitution of the 'Kingdom of Heaven’ for the Spirit Age.” The Key given indicates the total authority by which the Kingdom shall be governed. It is sequel to the power of controllership in form of “Key” delivered unto Simon Peter by our Lord Jesus at Caesarea Philippi in the messianic Age, for the controllership of the newly established church on earth then. Matt. 16:18-19